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Seismic Systems Service is a Certified Woman Owned business and a licensed distributor for GeoSIG, Ltd based out of Switzerland. We offer a full range of seismic monitoring and dynamic-measuring sensors and instruments. Our products include, accelerometers, strong motion recorders, seismic digitizers, seismic switches, velocity sensors, software, and accessories. These products can be used in several applications such as: structural health monitoring, strong motion networks, dam monitoring, earthquake early warning and Nuclear Power plants.  Read More
  Maintenance and Service
Seismic Systems Service can service, maintain, repair and install earthquake and seismic instrumentation.  We are licensed by the City of Los Angeles as an approved Accelerograph and Testing Agency.  Seismic Systems services earthquake accelerograph instruments in hundreds of buildings in the United States.  We have been licensed by the City of Los Angeles for the last 21 years.  The Los Angeles Building Code (1613.8) requires buildings in Los Angeles over 6 stories to have 3 working accelerographs installed and functioning.  Read More
Seismic Systems Service can install, service and maintenance earthquake instrumentation.  We have a qualified and dedicated technical staff that has years of experience in earthquake, seismic, and structural monitoring systems and solutions.  Our customer service staff is on call to provide answers to questions, or to help provide solutions for your monitoring projects.   We are a distributor for GeoSIG Ltd based out of Switzerland.  We can provide high quality seismic and earthquake recorders,  sensors, and  seismic switches.  Whether your installation needs are local, regional, or national, Seismic Systems has qualified experienced engineers who have a high-level of professionalism. 
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