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Seismic Systems Service is a Certified Woman Owned business and a licensed distributor for GeoSIG, Ltd based out of Switzerland. We offer a full range of seismic monitoring and dynamic-measuring sensors and instruments. Our products include, accelerometers, strong motion recorders, seismic digitizers, seismic switches, velocity sensors, software, and accessories. These products can be used in several applications such as: structural health monitoring, strong motion networks, dam monitoring, earthquake early warning and nuclear power plants. Structural monitoring equipment can be installed in high rise buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels and nuclear plants.  Seismographs are used to study earthquakes and other life-threatening earth movements, in an effort to better understand earthquakes and prevent greater damage caused by earthquakes.

GeoSIG is a world leader with Swiss Quality superior measuring solutions for use in various market segments.  Since 1992, GeoSIG has supplied thousands of measuring instruments providing system solutions around the world.  They offer a broad range of cost-effective, rugged and reliable strong-motion and seismic network solutions. These network solutions range from three-instrument networks for tall buildings, to central recorders with multiple channels of data for heavily instrumented buildings, bridges, dams, or structures. Data may be streamed continuously into a central recording system, or triggered event data may be transmitted to a central system.

GeoSIG’s products are made to ISO 9001 accreditation, and are high quality, rugged and reliable.  Data handling and analysis can be performed using several software tools, including GeoSIG's Windows-based GeoDAS, SEISLOG, SEISAN, SEISNET, and ARTeMIS Extractor. We can arrange qualified installation, maintenance, and training anywhere in the United States. We distribute these products to many countries in Latin American. GeoSIG has supplied thousands of measuring instruments providing solutions around the world. GeoSIG is also able to develop custom instruments and systems. Please use our Seismic Monitoring Systems Questionnaire to tell us about your projects.
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