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   GeoSIG GSR-18
GeoSIG GSR-18  

The GSR-18 Strong Motion Recorder has a dynamic range of 111 dB @ 100 SPS and 108 dB @ 200 SPS. The standard 3 channel system has selectable sampling rates from 100 to 250 SPS.

A variety of sensors can be connected to the GSR-18 offering solutions for applications in miscellaneous fields.

Various network solutions such as independent or interconnected recording networks and local or central recording networks can be configured easily with highly advanced functions such as on-line surveillance, common trigger and time synchronisation. The standard parameter settings and the user-defined configurations can be transferred easily from the PC to the GSR-18.

Transferring data to PC while recording is possible and can be done also via modem. Optionally available is the dial-up system which allows the GSR-18 to call

automatically a predefined telephone number after an event has been recorded.

A comprehensive package of advanced, menu-driven analysis software is available. GeoDAS is included with the GSR-18 and can be used on-site for a first impression of the recorded data. GeoDAS Data Analysis Package is a dedicated evaluation program especially designed by GeoSIG for earthquake and civil engineering data analysis. It contains all necessary functions and performances for detailed evaluation in the frequency domain functions (FFT, Power Spectrum, Response Spectrum). Additional include integration (acceleration-velocity and velocity-displacement), CAV (Cumulated Absolute Velocity), Space (Rotation, Display) and various data filters.

The GSR-18 is also available as GSD-18 Digitiser only integrated into GeoSIG Seismic Network Systems.

The GSR-18 is the ideal, compact and most cost effective 18-Bit approach.

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