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   GeoSIG GCR-16
GeoSIG GCR-16  

GCR-16 Strong Motion Recorder utilizes the modern processor technology to carry out vibration measurements according to DIN 4150 part 1 and 2 and Swiss Norm SN 640312a.

GCR-16 is suitable to use for blast or construction induced vibration monitoring.

A wide range of GeoSIG sensors as well as various user selectable parameters allow to configure the GCR-16 easily and specifically to the requirements of the desired measuring task.

The GCR-16 contains two separate recording memories, one to record continuous signals, and other to store individual events. With corresponding configuration of the recording parameters, the GCR-16 can be used either as a specific blasting surveillance recorder or as a permanent data recorder for ramming works, tunnel, bridge or traffic surveillance. The standard configurations

and the defined user configurations can be transferred very easily from the PC to the GCR-16.

The system fulfils all requirements needed for a permanent surveillance. Transferring data to PC while recording is also possible and can be done also through a modem.

The recorded data are retrieved to PC with the GeoDAS Communication Package, analysed and evaluated with the GeoDAS Data Analysis Package.

The GeoDAS Data Analysis Package has been developed by GeoSIG also considering the needs of the measuring engineer. It contains all necessary functions and performances for detailed evaluation e.g. vector sum, frequency spectrum (FFT, Terzband and Power Spectrum), integration and double integration, effective value according to DIN 4150, filtering, response spectrum, CAV (Cumulative Absolute Velocity) as well as zooming and plotting data.

The GCR-16 is equipped with an internal GSM modem and it can call or send SMS messages to predefined numbers. The GSM modem additionally enables Dial-in Access.

An Internal Alarm Interface including 2 Seismic Alarms plus an Equipment Fault Alarm which give relay contacts that can be delivered Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC), facilitating the use of immediate operation of mission critical circuits and/or visual/audible notification.

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