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   GeoSIG CR-5 Computer Based Structural Monitoring System
GeoSIG CR-5 Computer Based Structural Monitoring System  

The CR-5 was developed out of years of experience in monitoring civil engineered structures such as dams, nuclear power plants, pipelines, tunnels, bridges, tall buildings and unique structures all over the world.

This modern multichannel central recording monitoring system provides engineers with a valuable tool to fully understand and analyse the dynamics of structures in the operating environment.

With a CR-5 system the dynamics affecting the structure including but not limited to acceleration, velocity, displacement, temperature, current, wind speed, wind direction, stress and pressure may be monitored and recorded.

Dynamic channel sample rates of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 SPS is provided. The system bases on synchronised multi-channel A/D converters. After hardware anti-aliasing filtering the signals are digitised using the over-sampling and

decimation technique resulting in superior data quality.

The heart of the CR-5 software is GeoDAS, a proven data logger and data analysis package developed by GeoSIG Ltd. GeoDAS is frequently used in large seismic networks. GeoDAS integrated into the CR-5 central recording monitoring system provides a richly configured set of user-friendly capabilities, displays and analytical tools running under Windows XP operating system. Optionally, SEISLOG can also be used.

In addition to the near real-time display of the dynamic channels the system provides static data like mean, max, min, and peak values. The CR-5 monitors the real-time data generated by each of the sensors attached to the system and compares the measured data to five fully independent alarm trigger criteria. The ring buffer size, the post event time, trigger thresholds and relay alarm on/off times may be selected by the customer.

A comprehensive surveillance, diagnostics reporting system through alarm relays, SMS and Email is provided.

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