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  GS-LVDT LVDT Displacement Sensor
GeoSIG GS-LVDT LVDT Displacement Sensor  

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT) are ideal for applications in harsh industrial environments such as high temperature and pressure applications, dynamic applications and long term cycles.

The LVDT is a well established transducer design which has been used throughout many decades for the accurate measurement of displacement and within closed loops for the control of positioning. In its simplest form, the design consists of a cylindrical array of a primary and secondary windings with a separate cylindrical core which passes through the centre.

The advantage of using an LVDT displacement transducer is that the moving core does not make contact with other electrical components of the assembly, as with resistive types, as so offers high reliability and long life. Further, the core can be so aligned that an air gap exists around it, ideal for applications where minimum mechanical friction is required.

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