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  NetQuakes System

The GMS is the ground breaking second generation of the GeoSIG Measuring Systems with extended connectivity capability and flexibility. The unit is developed in close coordination with USGS and deployed in high quantities in North America establishing the NetQuakes system.

The USGS is trying to achieve a denser and more uniform seismograph spacing to provide better measurements of ground motion during earthquakes. These measurements improve the ability to make rapid post-earthquake assessments of expected damage and contribute to the continuing development of engineering standards for construction.  The NetQuake instruments connect to a local network via WiFi and use existing broadband connections to transmit data after an earthquake.  The instruments are designed to be installed in private homes, businesses, public buildings and schools with an existing broadband connection to the internet.

The GMS NetQuakes recorder includes an Ethernet connection and optionally a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module to insure fast and reliable data transfer. Its design and efficiency makes it the first choice for any application requiring seismic instruments. With its optimized installation, operation and maintenance philosophy, the GMS offers the real possibility to implement such as high density arrays with total operating costs at a small fraction of conventional strong-motion seismograph networks.

The instrument's software processes data in real time. If triggered by a seismic event, GMS calculates Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA), Peak Ground Velocity (PGV), Peak Ground Displacement (PGD) and Response Spectrum (RSA) at various frequencies of the event. GMS can report these parameters, which are related to the strength of shaking, to a data center where a synopsis (such as a shakemap) for disaster management facilities can be generated in almost real time over the Internet. An event file is also recorded in the memory, which is sent out from the instrument and also securely accessible over the Internet.


Do you want to participate?

Seismic Systems has the unique opportunity to provide NetQuakes recorders if you would like to purchase instrumentation and participate in the NetQuakes program.  With our affiliate, GeoSIG, Seismic Systems is committed to providing a quality product at a competitive price to residents in earthquake country.   USGS has developed this project to conduct research to characterize and identify earthquake hazards, monitor seismic activity and reduce earthquake risk.  

USGS can monitor and maintain the data from the instruments which will be transmitted via a broadband internet connection back to their servers.  The data will be used for shakemaps and scientific research which will be archived and made public domain for research.  If you would like to purchase an instrument and participate in the program, please contact us.

Official USGS NetQuakes Project Page
Map of NetQuake locations
NPR - Volunteers Moved to Help in Earthquake Study

GMS is self-contained and is equipped with an uninterruptible power-supply, which provides, excluding options, more than 24 hours emergency operation without external power. Since the battery and power management are critical components in applications, excessive care has been taken in the charger design and the GMS is released as the first unit that can warn of a faulty battery before it is detected by a lack of communication during an AC power loss.

The GMS uses an intelligent "Real Time Clock" (RTC) with self-learning temperature compensation at a fraction of power and thus cost of a TCXO. The RTC is able to synchronize with GPS or NTP (Network Time Protocol based on Internet UTC timing) to provide high timing accuracy.

The instrument can be locally connected to a laptop through its ports for configuration, testing or data retrieval. The internal memory card can also be simply exchanged to retrieve the data. Several advanced communication options exist such as for connection over the Internet; it can utilize a list of servers where the communication is based on a simple but highly secure file exchange.

Wired or Wireless Interconnected Network option enables the use of several units together in a time and trigger synchronized manner; wireless using the Wi-Fi and Wi-Synch options.
If you would like to purchase a GMS NetQuakes recorder, please contact us for information and pricing.

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Overview, Connectivity and Operation: GS_Presentation_GMS.pdf
Connection Options: GS_GMS_Connection_Options_Leaflet_V02.pdf
Outstanding and Unique Features:  Outstanding and Unique GMS
Quick User Manual: GS_GMS-xx_QuickUserManual_V03.pdf

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